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CorEx Presents: A TriNebulon Production: A Film Studios Film: The Weekly Happenstance


Post by Ulrike R Schultheiss » Wed May 17, 2017 4:44 am


Hello and welcome to another rivetting episode of CorEx Presents: A TriNebulon Production: A Film Studios Film: The Weekly Happenstance! I'm Channing Mansplain, bringing you the news of today... FOR THE PEOPLE OF YESTERDAY!

SPACE BANDITS ATTACK IN DROVES AS MASSIVE ASTEROID FIELDS BEGIN TO MATERIALIZE THROUGHOUT THE GALAXY! Ever since the Derra Virus outbreak, the galaxy has been worrying about its spread to other systems and the possibility of it forcing a full-scale, galaxy-wide combat situation to emerge. Its spread has been carefully monitored by both Imperial and New Republic scientists, both of which had concluded that it was isolated to the Derra System and was unable to penetrate into space. All known individuals leaving the system have described a "large weight" being lifted from them as soon as they entered hyper. However, it appears this has finally changed.

It appears that the Derra Virus has finally left the Derra System and has found its way into massive asteroid fields that have been forming throughout the galaxy. These massive asteroid fields have always been a home for militants and space bandits, most of which haven't been very active within the last 30 or so years. HOWEVER, as of earlier today, there have been reports from across the galaxy that these bandits and militants have become increasingly aggressive, much like Derra Virus victims inside of the Derra System. We believe that the spread of the Derra Virus is due to a new mutation leading to it being far more resilient.

We were alerted to a situation earlier today by a pilot that claims to have been attacked by one such group of militant fighter groups. His initial claim described the dogfight as being quick and brutal, the militants seemingly uncaring that their own pilots were being shot down. Some militants were even seeing shooting down their own allies before turning the gun to the pilot. The pilot claimed that his Y-Wing Fighter was destroyed shortly after entering the asteroid field by a group of Y-Tie Ugly Fighters that immediately started accelerating toward him as soon as his ship came out of hyperspace.

Shortly before his Y-Wing Fighter was destroyed, he claimed that a strange creature appeared on the communication screen within his cockpit. He described the creature as being large, green with a cranium crowned by sharp horns. We fed this description to a local character artist named "Tux" who was able to produce a rendition of the creature for us. We hope you enjoy this artistic piece!


We went to investigate the asteroid field he claimed he was attacked in. When we entered, we were not met by a hostile group of Y-Tie Ugly flying maniacs nor were we attacked. We were unable to find the wreckage of his fighter, so we're unsure if the situation took place as described or if the pilot was making the entire situation up just to get on the news. However, we did find what appeared to be a large asteroid fortress hidden deep within the asteroid field. We left almost immediately after finding the asteroid fortress as to not put our anchors at more of a risk than they're already at just by working for us.

That's all we have time for today, folks! We hope you enjoyed this episode of CorEx Presents: A TriNebulon Production: A Film Studios Film: The Weekly Happenstance! Have a great day, and be safe out there, space cowboys!

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